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I am inspired by the past, how cultures evolve, transpose and migrate. With a love of archeology, my art is generated from a passion and past of growing up in Rome and traveling extensively in the Mediterranean. The art looks at transformation, differences, spirituality and beliefs.

Angels, guardians Gods. Are they fact of myth? And what are the driving (divine) forces behind altered faiths over time and place. A love for the human form, the beauty of a line, light and dark are my tributes to the great artists that have inspired me. Mixed media canvases of coarse, textured backgrounds are layered with transparent glazes with contrasting opulent touches. 


Large in scale, the canvases depict interpretations of iconic images of man and woman from ancient Etruscan artifacts (with Greek and Oriental influences) through the Roman era into Christianity. Stereotypical representations are used to contrast ancient ideals and superstitions with modern perceptions. In the creation of my art I find many parallells in humanity’s past with issues of today.

Xtra Virgin_edited_edited.jpg
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