Patrizia A. Salles

Born in Bordeaux, France

Lives and Works Globally


Influenced by the past, how cultures evolve, transpose, superimpose and migrate. With a passion for archeology, Patrizia's work is inspired by early life exposures of living and traveling the Mediterranean and the exploration of indigenous American and transplanted cultures. The art examines learned differences, spirituality and beliefs in “higher being(s),” and their transformation. Angels, guardians, Gods. Are they fact or myth? And what are the driving (divine) forces behind altered faiths over time and place.

A love of the human form, the beauty of a line, light and dark . . . are Patrizia's tributes to the great artists that have inspired. Mixed media canvases of layered, roughly textured backgrounds or steel and cement sculptures touched in finely crafted mosaic. 


Portrayals of flourishing decadence to eventual societal decline are exposed through textures and colour – contrasts of base coarseness with that of jewelled opulence. Abstract or stereotypical representations juxtapose ancient ideals and superstitions with modern perceptions. 


"In the creation of my art I find many parallels in humanity’s past with issues of today."

Biography Patrizia A. Salles Marketing Consultant

Artists CV                      Professional CV




Art Institute of Atlanta

University of Houston Continuing Ed

Accademia Carrara Arte, Bergamo IT (foreign studies)

Orsoni Venezia, Master Mosaic 


Grants & Awards 

1990-2008 over 70 graphic design awards, Houston, Texas, US and Global

1976 Gold Key Scholastic Award New York

1974 Brandeis Art Award

Solo Exhibitions

2019 "Mother Earch: In our Hands

Museo Archeologico Rossi Ventimiglia, Italia

 2018  "Voices from the Past/Voci dal Passato," Bordighera, Italia 2013 “Things Fall to Pieces," Nevis, Caribbean


Group Exhibitions 

2019 - Biennial of Sacred Contemporary Art,  Mentone, France2001 Institute of Hispanic 2014-16  Charlestown Art Gallery, NevisCulture, 2010-2014 “Artlovers” St. Martin Gallery, Quarterly shows and exhibitions, Mosaics and sculpture, St. Martin Caribbean

2000 — Houston Gallery Show, four mixed media sculptures


2014 Mosaic Art Today

1992-2000 - Various articles in the Houston Business Journal

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