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Int. Exhibition Terra! Rome March 6-13, 2023

Held at inn historical Sant’Agostino, the church houses La Madonna dei Pellegrini a famous Caravaggio (16th century Italian painter) masterpiece, at the popular historical landmark and gathering spot, Piazza Navona in Rome’s center.

Curator, art critic and journalist Adelinda Allegretti, is the organizing force behind the international event sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Spanish Embassy of Cultural Affairs and the Hungarian Academy, Rome.

Opening Reception: March 6th 17:00 at Angelica Gallery
Via di Sant’Agostino, 11, Roma IT

Summer 2 redo.a.jpg

Upcoming Fall Solo Show
Villa Miki, Bordighera IM September 3-October 1 2022

Spring 2020 lockdown was a way to bring the outside in for Patrizia as she missed her walks in nature. A light-hearted scheme  which she continued on through summer and fall. Each canvas of flowing movement are filled with vibrant bursts of color all related to the seasons. Mark your calendar.

September 2022

June 2022

Bordighera Alta
Festa dei Fiori and Door Painting 

The community of this quaint medieval town in Liguria, Italy implemented a beautification project: paint the utility doors in the 15th century town to liven up the intricate narrow streets. Patrizia was one of eight artists chosen for this embellishment. 

"I chose a dark corner, painting a vibrant, pop-art floral from my "Four Seasons's Collection." The unveiling and artists exhibit was during the annual Festa dei Fiori held June 4-5 2022. 

The upcoming Festa di Santa Maddalena, the high-city's patron saint will be held July 22-24. Patrizia has been asked to exhibit for the event.

Bordighera Alta Door Primavera.jpg

May 2022

PS Flyer Luxembourg Art Festival 22.png

Patrizia at International Art Fair

Featuring works from her Serendipity series, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid is showcasing Patrizia's mixed media canvases at this year's International Contemporary Art Fair Luxembourg slated to open Friday evening, May 19, 2022.  

"After staying hidden in the studio for several years, the abstract figurative works are making their debut" Says Patrizia. "I'm excited to once again to be on the world stage with new works."

The series is receiving positive feedback and sure to be a success. The Fair will be at LuxExpo The Box for three days. 

January 2022

Madre Terra Giardino Ventimiglia.corrected.jpg

Madre Terra Finds Permanent Home 

A big thanks to the City of Ventimiglia and Cultural Minister Simone Bertolucci for providing a beautiful space for Madre Terra. She sits among the roses steps from the lagoon in the newly renovated park "Giardini Mons. Tommaso Reggio." Contemplating visitors she also provides audience and rest to her feathered friends.

The165 x 150 x 80 cm steel, wire and cement statue premiered in 2019 Madre Terra: in our hands solo exhibit at the Museo Archiologico Rossi Ventimiglia. She now joins  her counterpart "Diana" in the public space.

November 2021

Art Gallery adds Patrizia to Roster

Located in the heart of Madrid, Van Gogh Art Gallery represents contemporary artists in the national and international art scene with participation in premier global art venues. The Gallery will showcase Patrizia on their website, exhibit her work in the upcoming International Contemporary Art Fair in Luxembourg, April 7-22, 2022 and in Madrid.

Mad Hatter.jpg

October 2021

Patrizia with Esox.jpg

Bologna Museum Acquires Esox II

Arte e the first Italian museum on art and food recently acquired Patrizia’s Esox II, a large mixed media painting featuring early Christian symbols of a stylized fish and famed Priscilla anchor. The Bologna museum brings together paintings, sculptures, prints, engravings, books and manuscripts with a common subject: food and wine.

Fissura updated triptyc.jpg

2nd Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art
October 1-31, 201 at the

This version of the Biannual titled "Transcendance" was aptly named after so stagnation in the art world. A toned down version of the 2019 inaugural, the exhibit, by appointment features 150 international artists from Miró to Christo and Banksy.

Always a thrill to visit the palace decked with contemporary masterpieces, curated by Mauro Marabini, this year featured "Italica."
 a special exhibit of 30 artists inspired by Italy.  




Triptyc, 2012  / mixed media mosaic

19 x 150 x 2 cm 

Included in the "Italica" exhitibi of the 

2021 BACS

Palais Les Ambassadeurs, Mentone, France

September 2021


Contemporary Art Blog, Analyses and Critique: 20th Century and Our Times features Patrizia A. Salles contemporary artist — in dialog with history. 

Arte Oggi landing page.jpf

Established in 2016, through his widely read ARTEOGGI Blog, Alessio Santiago Policarpo seeks to reintroduce forgotten artists of the twentieth century outside the avant-gardes, present living artists who remain tied to a traditional approach to art and the figurative and those with a counter-current interpretative overture. His blog also showcases museums and exhibitions, his more exploratory writing covering theory and today's visual research, a qualitative research methodology that relies on the use of artistic mediums to produce and represent knowledge. 

August 2021

A selection of  mixed media works and paintings plus a unique piece from the mosaic studio collection.

io sono / i am me
iconic images and reflected attitudes — 
the artful capture of soul and personality
august 25 to september 8
gallery open daily from 17:00 to 20:00 or by appointment

Opening: august 24 at 20:00

studio d’arte gallery
100 corso italia, bordighera, italia 18012
+39 335 840 173

Aphrodite in Red / Mixed Media on Canvas / 2019 / 76 x 100 x 3.5 cm / 30 x 40 x 1.4"

Aphrodite in Red canon.web.jpg

May 2021

. . . and finally this month: the transfer of the long-waited art studio to Italy. I will be re-united once again with tools, supplies, art books and reference materials acquired over the years.

Shown right  — Patrizia's fist studio in her garden. Houston circa 2001

patriziaphoto Houston STudio.jpg

2021 is proving to be another difficult year for art exhibitions. Many are being cancelled, deadlines extended and poor turnouts due the Corona virus. We hope things change in the near future to make it practical for artist to exhibit  gain.

2021 Exhibition Schedule


Clio Art Fair Venice, Italy 

October 2021 — Second Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art,  Palais les Ambassadeurs, Mentone, FR  

October 2020

The "Let's Come Together" presented as a Kickstarter project in support of tolerance and diversity showcased the series of five paintings 

July 2020

Tresses large.1.jpg

Gallery representation on Europe's largest online professional art gallery. Patrizia's portfolio of painting number 27 and counting. 

June 2020

Diana installed on the lawn of the public park in Ventimiglia, Italy. She graces the Ludwig Winter designed Giardini Mons. Tommaso Reggio near the French border. 

You can find the gardens HERE on Google Maps

October 2019

First Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art, Mentone, France. October 1-30, 2019 at the Palais Les Ambassadeurs.  

BACS dinner.jpg
Postcard for web update.jpg

SOLO  EXHIBITION  of Sculpture and mixed media canvas

June 21— August 17, 2019

Riviera Times Interview.jpg Interview.

Riviera 24 .jpg

April 2, 2019

By Anna Fils

Featured Artist

Patrizia Salles: Voices from the Past . . . More

September 15 - October 15, 2019

Video image sm.jpg

Voices from the Past — Mixed Media Works, September 15-October 14, 2018

Bordighera Italia

Utube Video screen shot Patrizia.png

Watch Video from Bordighera TV 

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