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Moon Goddess Donation Finds New Home

On her tippy-toes, standing three meters, or nine feet tall, “Diana” was installed last June to commemorate the re-opening of the Giardini Mons. Tommaso Reggio in Ventimiglia, Italy near the French border and new Monaco Yacht Marina. The park beautification project includes a water feature and children’s playground now presided over by “Diana.” The original garden was designed circa 1875 by famed landscape architect Ludwig (Ludovico) Winter who started his career as former head of the Tuleries Garden in Paris. Of interest: This statue of Diana is directly inspired by the statue of Diana with her deer, bow and arrow which has a prominent position in the Tuileries. “Diana — Moon Goddess” was first exhibited last summer at the Marventimiglia Museum in Ventimiglia.

Diana under construction in the studio

"One of the best studios in the

world can be found in nature

under the shade of a tree surrounded

by green, flowers and the sound of birds."


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