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Mother Earth Sculpture Museo Archeologico Rossi Ventimiglia

Mara Lorenzi with Madre Terra. Cement, wire, steel sculpture / 2019 / 165 x 150 x 80 cm

Mother Earth: In our Hands

by Patrizia Salles

A midday sun

face softly shielded.

Cape billowowing she stands,

her ocean mirrors

sapphire before her.

Head modestly inclined,

she casts her eyes earthward.

Cupped hands joined

in humble acceptance,

Is it regret?

Mother Earth

life-giving, nurturing.

Our existence

springs from her.

Our demise

will it be the end of her?

Is she resigned to this,

a predestined fate?

Her only desires:





When the opportunity arose to show in the Museo Archeologico Rossi Ventimiglia I had already started a sculpture of a woman. Sleek, soft, slim and subdued. Soft breezes wafting a large cape, a feel of resignation mirroring my life during that time.

The Museo Balsi Rossi, sister museum to MAR Ventimiglia with pre-historic artefacts of rudimentary female gods, early representations of Mother Earth, or "supreme mother" provided the seed. As the sculpture evolved, a connection was formed with "her sense of the current reality of our earth today." She, the sculpture finally had a name with a theme that could fuse the exhibit.

She sits on an expansive terrace of a former monastery, later an impregnable fort looking over the Mediterranean Sea with an unbelievable view. Italy on her left, France and Monaco on her right.

Surrounding Mother Earth with plants provided the needful association to a green planet. The addition of colourful watering cans transformed the stationery artefact into and interactive installation. The museum took it a step further by incorporating "our responsibility to Mother Earth” in their children's programming.

"Seeing the kids gathered round, nurturing Mother Earth was one of the most satisfying moments of the entire exhibition. I felt I had accomplished a goal."

The “Madre Terra: In our Hands” show features three sculptures and 27 mixed media canvases displayed within the extensive 20,000 square foot museum. The exhibit has been extended through august 17, 2019.

Patrizia A. Salles

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