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a Multifaceted Couple

Year-end 2022 was total immersion — finishing a pair of sculptures after several years of awaiting transport to Europe. When asked what led to the inspiration for this up-beat duo, Patrizia recalled "I wanted to create multicultural personalities that reflect the world we live in today. Part of the New World Collection, HE and SHE are a melding of 21st century pop-art, reggae, hip-hop and world music genres. Of emerging fashion among celebs and the brilliant vibe found on the global stage.”

Patrizia's choice for this multifaceted vision? Mosaics. The dual personality statues feature a fun and vivacious side with a classically, formal flip side.

HE stands 225 centimeters tall, SHE slightly less. The pair are encased in a mixture of glass mosaic tessere to include 24 karat gold and sterling silver, millefiori, beads and found objects. The bases are wood.

For information contact Patrizia at or +39 333 315 3172


Terra! Rome March 6-13, 2023

Balzi Goddess 5 2021 80 x 100 cm

Making their first public appearance, Patrizia's entries for the gallery art show Terra! are three of her Balzi Venuses (2019-21). Held at the much coveted space in historical Sant’Agostino, the church houses La Madonna dei Pellegrini a famous Caravaggio (16th century Italian painter) masterpiece, at the popular historical landmark and gathering spot, Piazza Navona in Rome’s center.

The third installment of the 4 Elements group of exhibitions, Terra! follows Floating in the Water and Fire: Walk with Me which were presented last year in Venice and Naples. Curator Adelinda Allegretti, art critic and journalist, is the organizing force behind the international event sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Spanish Embassy of Cultural Affairs and the Hungarian Academy, Rome. Opening Reception: March 6th 17:00 at Angelica Gallery Via di Sant’Agostino, 11, Roma IT


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