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Upon Reflection

Following-up on “What is Creativity and How to Find Innovative Genius?” Here’s a look on how “Spearheading Change” inspired Patrizia to explore a new medium, new style and theme.

After 15 years of creating abstract and ornamental mosaic art, how does a professional body of work transform so drastically? Was it an accident or was it serendipitous? Patrizia shares her story on how the most recent evolution of her art came about.

“There are times in the history of men and nations, when they stand so near the veil that separates mortals and immortals, time from eternity, and men from their God, that they can almost hear their breathings and feel the pulsations of the heart of the infinite.”

— James A. Garfield, 20th US president

“Destiny of a Republic,” by Candice Millard

An apt quote for Patrizia’s new collection of mixed media art. It speaks eternal, mystic, mythological, — interpretations of past cultures — adventures & legend, fashion & style, love & conflict, rites & rituals — and their affect on modern society.

A book, a journey, a love and remembrances all came together not in one aha! moment, but as a path slowly revealed. Dug from the ancients, melded in contemporary thought, a new collection of mixed media artwork rooted in time, unveiled.

In 2015 the pursuit of new inspiration influenced a life change and a relocation for Patrizia and her partner to Europe. Then, a chance vacation rental in the lake-district outside of Rome led them to the nearby museum and necropolis in the small town called Cerveteri. Later that same day, opening her book ”SPQR” by Mary Beard, Patrizia read about the initial acquisition (more like hostile takeover) of the ancient Etruscan Veii tribe by a then young, Roman Republic. As she read further, Patrizia found that the ancient town of Veii is actually modern day Cerviteri.

Can you imagine! Opening a book to a page referencing a community that existed 3000 years ago, having visited that site, exploring first hand that culture, their relics and tombs, by random chance, that very same day. Coincidence or not?

Six months earlier her mother prompted Patrizia to purchase that book. At the time Patrizia never imagined herself back in Europe, let alone Rome.

Peaked by what she found in Cerveteri (and the coincidence — or not!) and keeping on the footpath of her youth, Patrizia revisited Ostia Antica, the famous Etruscan and Roman seaport of Rome. To Patrizia and her siblings it was a captivating open playground as they climbed and played hide and seek among the ruins. Much has changed since then as Italy has made great strides to slowly preserve and protect her national treasures.

Over the next couple of years with further exploration, Patrizia came away with a catalog of strong impressions and references that combined with her research of the ancient Mediterranean cultures has culminated into “Voices from the Past” which debuted in Italy last fall.

Patrizia continues her exploration of archeological treasures as she expands on the collection for her next solo art exhibition “Mother Earth” at Museo Acheologico Ventimighlia, June 21, 2019.

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