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Patrizia with Neutrals_edited.jpg

Patrizia in her studio, Liguria Italy, 2019

Patrizia with Diana.JPG

Patrizia in the studio with Diana, May 2019 in preparation Madre Terra exhibit at MAR Ventimiglia

Interpretations of past cultures and societal change are the focus of Patrizia’s solo exhibition. How civilizations evolve, grow, progress and transform. Dug from the ancients, melded in contemporary thought, “Mother Earth” suggests strata revealed from our earth in reverse, of historical and scientific discovery. As would be found in a crumbling palace or church her mixed media canvases and sculptures contrast ruggedness with opulence, of exquisite details shining through the shabby remains of a once revered scene. The art speak eternal, mystic, mythical — rooted through time a veil separating mortal from immortal.


In looking into our past, “Mother Earth” aims to raise awareness of our future. When asked “Why the Mother Earth theme?” She replied: “Research into the subject matter for my art has unearthed many facts. Our time here is an echo of what has come before and we keep repeating the same mistakes. My aim is to shed insight on our history to foster an understanding of our past failings so they may be reconciled for a better tomorrow.”

Final touches in the studio_edited.jpg

Patrizia in the studio with Madre Terra, (Diana in background), May 2019 in preparation Madre Terra exhibit at MAR Ventimiglia

Patrizia's Mosaic Studio located in Nevis, Caribbean 


Patrizia melds years of living and traveling in Europe and North Africa into a unique art style. “My best memories are of my mother taking the family to museums, old Roman cities and temples, archeology sites, cathedrals and palaces. It furnished a strong classical yet diverse foundation for my art.”


Her first art class, at age five was in ceramics at the Montessori school in Rome. At seven years Patrizia began presenting her parents with carefully sketched still-lifes and geometric abstracts. At age 17, she won the prestigious Scholastics Art Gold Key Award for her region with entries advancing to New York receiving honorable mention.


Patrizia studied fashion design and graphic art, graduating Magna Cum Laude. For 25 years she was president of a top Houston marketing and graphic design firm. In 2000 Patrizia returned to her art focusing on mosaic and sculpture. Eleven years in the Caribbean expanded her international commissioned work. In 2012, Patrizia’s art was published in “Mosaic Art Today,” a fine art book showcasing international mosaic artists.


Born in France, Patrizia has now come full-cycle in the form of a Euro- based studio to continue her studies and exploration of art and history, and to delve deeper into her love of archeology and ancient western civilizations. Her large mixed media canvases and sculptures bridge her favorite art styles with ancient history. The work speaks eternal, mystic, mythical, deep. Interpretations of past cultures with a contemporary twist.


In the fall of 2018, Patrizia opened “Voices from the Past,” a solo show of 27 works in Bordighera on the Italian Riviera. Patrizia’s most recent exhibition “Mother Earth” ran from June 21 through August 2, 2019 at the Museo Archeologico Rossi Ventimiglia  (  

Installing pool mosaic at "Pelican Villa" Nevis Island, West Indies, 2007

Grouting "Four Element's Bench" Houston Texas, 2006

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