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Top Artists Gather for First Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art in Mentone

Du Barry, Bogo Hugo, Liana Marabini, Patrizia Salles
L: Hugo Bogo in front of "Saint Michel Terrassant le Dragon" 2nd Prize winner, Liana Marabini and patron; R: Sculptor Daphne du Barry with Patrizia Salles at Closing Dinner

214 paintings, sculptures and photographs from regional, and international artist (of which 35 are among the most popular in the world) were collected for the first edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art (BACS) exhibition held in Mentone, France. The show, conceived and organised by Liana Marabini, director, art patron and President of the Patrons of the Vatican Museums (Monaco Chapter), came to a close on October 31.

The exhibit was made available for view at Les Grand Hotel des Ambassadeurs de Menton, attracting over 4,000 art enthusiasts, collectors and patrons and garnering international press coverage. The art literally transformed the elegant, ‘turn of the century’ hotel and former grand palace into a temporary museum, accessible for free to all art and culture lovers.

This year’s theme 'Ode to Life' was inspired by Daphne du Barry’s bronze statue entitled Notre Dame of the Innocents, a permanent sculpture specially installed in the hotel gardens for the show. A press viewing and statue unveiling on September 30th kicked off the month-long events promoting the BACS. The show opened to the public on the 1st of October. An artist dinner, roundtables, the International Catholic Film Festivals Market on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary and a finale Prize Giving Dinner were among the attended festivities.

Adrian Dozier, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Patrizia Salles at the blessing of the "Notre Dame of Innocents" in front of the statues. Nun leaning slightly forward with the unborn babies at her feet.
Adrian Dozier, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Patrizia Salles at the blessing of the "Notre Dame of Innocents"

“Our Book of Honor is full of testimonies, beautiful words and congratulations from people that came from all over the world to visit the exhibition. The controversy created by the pro-abortion associations around the monumental statue Notre Dame of Innocents fueled people’s curiosity and increased the number of visits. We look with confidence to the next edition of the BACS that will take place in 2021 and we start to prepare it.” Liana Marabini, President BACS.

“As a participant this year, I was pleased to show among some of the world’s most recognised artist. It’s immensely satisfying to have your art hanging amidst a Cocteau, a number of Dalí’s, Calder, Chagall and equally, among talented contemporaries.” quotes Patrizia Salles. “I’m delighted to be invited to the next BACS, scheduled for 2021.”

photograph at left: 1 red contrasting poppy growing in dark train track, rails and gravel. Artwork Right: Greek stylised fish with anchor in shades of terra cotta against dark background.
First prize of the Biennale: Poppy, photography Giuseppe Galli (Italy): Esox Mixed Media by Patrizia A. Salles

Each of the works and artist are showcased in the glossy commemorative catalog available for purchase at BACS Catalog. An artist residency program is also offered through BACS at Les Palace des Ambassadeurs to qualifying applicants.

Many of the works are available for viewing and purchase at the Hotel through February 2020. You many contact Patrizia at for a private tour of the show.

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