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A World Says Goodbye to Artist Botero

Fernando Botero, the world-renowned Colombian painter and sculptor, died last week at 91. Botero was celebrated for his signature style defined by voluptuous, exaggerated figures and whimsical aesthetic. Though infused with a sense of joviality, Botero's work is also notable for its subtle social commentary and satirical edge. His unmistakable characters made him one of the most emblematic Latin American artists of the 20th century.

As a tribute to the artist, Singular Art Gallery created a special collection of paintings “In Memory of Columbian Artist Fernando Botero,” Patrizia’s “Balsi Goddess 2” being one of the paintings included in the online collection. “What a surprise to receive news of being chosen for inclusion" says Patrizia, "I was on my way to Pietrasanta, Tuscany at the time, home to the artist and site of a number of his works." Oh mystical world! Botero will be missed.

Inspired by iconic neolithic archeological Balzi Rossi figurine

Singular Art is a top European online gallery that draws over 1.2 million inter-national views per month(1) with “Special Collections” emailed to site subscribers. American actor Pierce Brosnan was in Pietrasanta the same weekend visiting marble studios for his villa and to purchase a piece of jewelry for his wife Kelly. (1) Source: traffic analysis


. . . and Speaking of Pietrasanta

Nestled between the Apuan Alps and the sea, Pietrasanta is known as the city of marble, the hub of international sculpture featuring artists — and the location of Patrizia’s next solo show. “Attracting visitors from all over the world, in recent decades the city has turned into a veritable open-air museum where you can walk around and admire the many galleries and town squares and continuously renewed display of top tier contemporary artworks and sculpture.

Botero bronze statue in Pietrasanta, site of Patrizia Salle's 2024 solo exhibition

Reclining Figure by Botero in Pietrasanta Pietrasanta is a fascinating medieval city, considered the historic capital of Versilia and the capital of marble processing. The city has earned the nickname of Little Athens thanks to the concentration of artists who have decided to settle here including Botero, du Barry and others. Some of the many permanent sculptures that can be admired include the Warrior of Botero and the Centaur and the Annunciation of Mitoraj.” Visit Pietrasanta The show scheduled for June 2024 will take place at the NAG Art Gallery, details to come.


"Life without liberty is like a body without spirit." Kahlil Gibran

BACS logo announcement for October 2023

The 2023 Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art (BACS) opens October 1st in Mentone, France at the beautiful Grand Hotel des Ambassadors. In 2021 the group show featured 214 artists from around the world with more than 4,000 visitors in attendance.

This year’s theme “Redemption” is sure to showcase an amazing spectrum of work and interpretations. Second in a series, Patrizia’s submission “Storm in My Heart - Two” attempts to capture the anguish and desperation of being trapped in a life you did not choose. The opera speaks not just of women, but for all humanity lacking freedoms and choice.

Thanks once again to Liana Marabini and her untiring commitment to “the purpose of inspiring faith through art in all its forms.” The exhibition is open everyday 10:00 - 19:00 through October 31st.


Self Portrait of Patrizia Salles artist in acqua pink and gold

April 2023 saw the finish of a self portrait. Started in 2017 and based on a 1983 photo taken by a photographer friend. The expressive portrait titled “Forever Young” is intended to capture hope, trials and tribulations that face each of us everyday with a resolve to overcome. Vibrant colors of orange-yellow, aqua and pink evoke the spirit of youth that inevitably slips by unnoticed. Forever Young / 2023 / 70 x 100 x 2 cm

Videos, Videos, Videos . . .

Patrizia Salles artist introduces her art on YouTube

We see them everywhere! On social media, in our message box and in the news. They are an established, sure means of presenting just about anything. Over the past several years Patrizia has published 20+ videos, candid insights into her artistic practice and process, and stories of how her opere come into being. The recent addition of Cori Randolph to the team will both enhance the overall quality of the message and increase the number editions on the Patrizia Salles channel. We invite you to subscribe to the video channel and receive timely updates.

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