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Sneak Peek: Let's Come Together a Kickstarter Global Launch

Through art we can raises awareness, through awareness we can build acceptance and tolerance of differences

Join us in embracing “Let’s Come Together,”a Kickstarter.comLights On project. Designed to keep creativity flowing during the pandemic, “Lights On is committed to help sustain cultural spaces, event series, creative organization, and independent business.”

Launching on, we are counting on you and your friends to help us champion this message and project as we artistically express a space or a world of understanding, absent of conflict, fear and hate.

Grateful to have this opportunity to promote on a global platform, together “Let’s Come Together” in support of diversity and tolerance and positively impact millions. Launching this week, the project runs through the end of October.

In advance, the Patrizia A. Salles team thanks you for your support . . .

Our goal is to be placed on the Kickstarter "Projects We Love" page and emails thereby vaulting the success of "Let's Come Together." So share in support of culture the arts, tolerance and diversity.

Take care and stay healthy, Patrizia

Love it, back it — and share

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